Maltas Mezs SIA

Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest presents the Latvian LLC Maltas Mezs SIA for sale. The company owns a total of about 912 ha of land in the area of Gulbene in north eastern Latvia. 

The land consists of about 650 hectares of agriculture land and about 186 hectares of forest. About 200 ha of the agriculture land is rented out to local farmers for an average fee of 45 €/ha, with potential to increase the area rented out. The total forest volume is 30 500 m3 which makes it 166 m3/ha according to a recently made inventory, and the age distribution shows a promising growth for the upcoming decades since over 40 % of the forest is between 1-30 years of age.

On the whole this portfolio presents a good investment opportunity for farmland with a steady revenue on the Baltic market, either as a first investment or as an addition to an existing portfolio.

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