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8, 2017

New address in Riga

August 7th 2017

We are back from vacation and ready to take on new challanges!

We are also happy to announce that Dzintars has found a new office space in Riga from where he will run the business. If you want to visit us when you are in Riga, come by Gunara Astras Street 8b.



3, 2017

Forest portfolio Latvia

March 10th 2017

Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest is the financial advisor in the sale of a real estate portfolio of about 16 000 hectares in Latvia consisting of mainly forest land. The initial preparations is under way and market actions will be taken during week 11 of 2017.

Please contact us at Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest for more information regarding the object and the sales process.



11, 2016

New office and coworker!

November 1st 2016

We are very happy and proud to present our new subsidiary and business in Latvia. The new business will always have a close relation to our regular business and will eventually be self sustaining.

Dzintars Salavs is in charge of the new office with experience from Norway, Russia and Latvia where he established Handelsbanken and forestry business within the bank. We have great confidence in Dzintars and we know that he will bring a lot to Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest, not least give us a constant presence in Latvia.

We look forward to an exciting future and wish Dzintars the best of luck!



9, 2016

Meeting with forest owners

September 2nd 2016

East Capital was the host for today’s meeting with a group of investors and owners of forest properties in Latvia. These meetings has been going on for some time and is an initiative of SEB Private Banking and Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest to create a forum to discuss various topics connected to forest owning in Latvia.

After an interesting presentation about East Capitals operations in the Baltics we discussed the ongoing land exchange program and the result of the latest round of EU-subsidies in Latvia.

We thank East Capital and SEB for hosting the meeting and all the participants for sharing their experiences.



8, 2016

Land exchange program Latvia

August 11th 2016

Vacation time is over and we are looking forward to an eventful fall!

During this spring we launched a new service for land owners in Latvia. The core idea is to help land owners consolidate their land by trading properties for properties or through regular sales. Even though we are still at an early stage about 55 000 hectares of forest and agriculture land have already signed up for the service. This fall we will continue to develop the program and start the real challenge – helping the participants to consolidate their land and increase effectivity.

If you want to join the program or have any questions, feel free to contact us at Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest.



3, 2016

International Day of Forests

March 21st 2016

March 21st is proclaimed by the UN as the International Day of Forests and celebrates the ways in which forests and trees sustain and protect us. The theme for this year is forests and water, to read more visit the UN website.

Since this is a day to celebrate forests we would like to announce that we recently closed an acquisition amounting to about 10 500 ha in Latvia. We want to welcome our new client who we will be working closely with in the future. The client wishes not to comment the deal further.



1, 2016

The three Baltic superstars

January 7th 2016

An interesting article written by Dr. Nima Sanandaji about the economic growth of the three baltic countries over the last 20 years. follow the link below to read the full article.

Free market success stories: The three baltic superstars



12, 2015

New homepage!

December 4th 2015

Welcome to our new homepage where you can read about our business and what we have to offer.

We will keep the homepage updated with news and other things of interest.



11, 2015

Press Release

November 3rd 2015

Baltic Forest AB (publ.) acquires SIA Berger Forest

Baltic Forest, which currently ownes agricultural and forest land in Latvia, has as a part of a continued expansion of their holdings acquired all shares in Berger Forest, a wholly owned Latvian subsidiary of Berger Förvaltnings AB. Berger Forest owns 25 properties with a total of 538 hectares of land in Latvia east of Riga, mainly forest land used for forestry. The operations in Berger Forest has been carried out since 2004 with focus on value growth through well conducted forest management.

The knowledge and experience of the organisation that Baltic Forest possess will now become part of the operations in Berger Forest.

Karl Danielsson Farm & Forest AB acted as mediator in the acquisition. Seller and buyer have agreed not to comment the acquisition further.

Feel free to contact us